Road Reports
I-8 Whole Road 4 reports
I-5 to Highway 125 No reports
Highway 125 to Ocotillo 4 reports
Reports on I-8
Map of Reports on I-8 Between Exit 33: West Willows Road and Exit 40: SR 79; Japatul Valley Road (La Mesa). Road maintenance work is in progress. Until December 31, 2023 at about 8:01PM PDT. Between Exit 73: Jacumba and Exit 77: In-Ko-Pah Park Road (La Mesa). Bridge maintenance work is in progress. Until February 29, 2024 at about 4:01AM PDT.
2506 Alpine Blvd: Traffic incident reported.
I-8 eastbound: Road maintenance operation.
I-8 eastbound: Paving operation.
I-8 eastbound: Bridge maintenance operation.
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